Our services
We have a flexible approach towards our interaction with clients. We encourage you to consider few options below.
Coaching a Tired Team
This practical 1 day course will give a clear idea how the coaching approach should change for working (coaching) with tired agile teams.
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Team productivity
Learn how to increase productivity without a carrot and stick approach, learn what is willpower and how to gain it, how to deal with fatigue and burnout, increase efficiency and become the Agile leader that people will follow.
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Leadership and Burnout
Learn about Leadership skills and tips for working with burnt out teams and companies.
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We love presenting at conferences
We are glad to participate in conferences worldwide, learn about our future events and feel free to contact us for Anna's participation at your conference.
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Convinient and immersive content experience
Webinars provide a great opportunity to introduce your team to Brain Loves Agile. We are eager to interact with teams worldwide and webinars help us reach out to you in a matter of seconds. Contact us to organize a webinar for your company.
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Experience active learning
We encourage everyone to introduce themselves to Brain Loves Agile concepts through workshops. This format allows for active engagement of all audience members in the learning process. Contact us to organize this event at your company.
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We make professional keynote presentations
If you are interested in Brain Loves Agile presentations, we are ready to provide bright and clear keynotes. Contact us to discuss possibilities for organizing keynote presentations.
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Our trainings and conference performances have an average NPS of 9.5
On Coaching Tired Teams talk:
"(It) was one of the best talks I have ever seen... The information in this meetup was absolute gold dust for any manager, leader, team member, or coach, or for any person who works in an office.
Simon Powers
Founder of Adventures with Agile
On working with Anna:
"Anna's deep knowledge of the art of agile software projects is matched only by her ability to lead and successfully complete the delivery of those projects. She's intelligent, civil, and understands why the culturally sensitive treatment of people is so important and has the capacity to lead without the need for excessive authority".
Leon Benjamin
A client of Anna's
On Anna's public presentation:
"Thank you so much for your presentation at Agile on the Beach. Powerless Powerful Leaders absolutely blew my mind! I was really inspired after and your delivery was brilliant. I hope to see you present at future events!"
Hazel Fletcher
Conference participant