Coaching a Tired Team Training
Is it possible to cause harm to your team even with proper Agile coaching? Yes, if you are working with tired, exhausted or even burned-out teams! They do need special treatment that is usually counterintuitive to the coaches.

Learn about possible adjustments to your coaching approach when working with tired agile teams. Understand your team's exhaustion and learn how to deal with it in our specified "Coaching a Tired Team" training program.
This training is for you, if
As an Agile Coach or a Scrum Master you want to add energy to your team that looks unenthusiastic or resists change
You would like to learn special set of actions, taken from the medical practice, powered with neuroscience and tailored to work with exhausted people
You would like to experience an upward spiral from tiredness to the true intristic motivation and creativity
Join us in the self diagnostics and discover what needs to be modified in your coaching or facilitation techniques as well as in the team's Agile process.

Learn practical steps that can help your worn out team to transition into a better process alignment and produce steady results.

Training agenda
Neurological and biological basis of tiredness and burnout
Tiredness vs Burnout
What is different between tiredness and burnout and how to understand where your team is
Agile Energy Phase
Importance of timings, conditions, subphrases
The Downward spiral
What triggers the downward direction to burnout and how to stop and revert it
How to be a leader without being worn out
Agile Coaching based on neuroscience to revert the downward spiral
Facilitation techniques that work for tired teams (and those that don't)
Project adjustments that need to be considered when your team is exhausted
How to turn on personal protection from exhaustion and burnout
Why is a Tired team harmful for the whole company and for you personally
Energy levels
Keeping your team energetic and stable

Learning outcomes
Join our training and you will learn how to:
  • put an end to your team's exhaustion
  • implement necessary process adjustments
  • boost your team's productivity levels
This training would be interesting for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Leaders and Change Agents, who work at the team and enterprise levels.
Upcoming training dates
Coaching a Tired team - 1 day workshop
Zürich, Switzerland
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CEST)
This practical course explains how the coaching approach should change when working with tired agile teams. Register here.
August 21
Please contact us to organize this training at your company or for any additional information!