Leadership and Burnout training
Are you a leader of a team that is unenthusiastic, burned out and resists changes? Do you wish to bring drive and energy to your team's spirit?
You may be inclined to try team motivation practices, however, standard practices for increasing efficiency are rather useless if not harmful for people with professional burnout.

We provide non-standard management practices for leaders of tired and burnt out teams in our specified Leadership and Burnout training!
In this training Anna Obukhova shares her knowledge on these topics:
- the burnout process and phases
- related medical and physiological concepts
- mechanisms of brain function (and how they differ in case of burnout)
- psychology of efficient performance

This training is for Project Managers, Line Managers, Senior Managers, HR specialists, Coaches, internal Change Agents.

We will identify how you as a leader can help a team to exit the downard spiral of burnout and shift it to a normal stage with environment for productivity and creativity.

We will discuss what can be done to further increase productivity and prevent burnout in the future.

We will review the current situation and define practical action steps to help your team reach a stable efficiency level.
Training agenda
This practice oriented 2-days training is designed to explain leadership from a biological perspective as well as give practical tips for burnt out team management.
What defines a true leader and how to become a leader that people will follow.
Leader-leader model
Leadership structure in a modern reality, Intent Based Leadership
Leadership and Energy
Leadership and energy as a defining factor
Oxygen mask principle
How to protect yourself as a leader from a burnout and how to help your team.
Burnout stage
We will look into 4 stages of burnout and analyze how they differ from the normal state
Traditional approach
We will discuss why traditional approach to management and motivation may be insufficient and harmful for a tired team
Energy phase
We will introduce an Enegry phase - a 2 month period for teams transition from burnout with a specific set of rules
What NOT to do
Learn what actions to take and what to avoid when dealing with professionally burnt out people
Review of specific techniques for Managers, Coaches and Trainers
Analyze your team
We will analyze your team's current state and form an individual action plan
Please contact us to organize this training at your company.
We will be glad to collaborate with like-minded organizations!